Taxi or VTC in Beauvais: How to choose?

Private driver VTC high-end black vehicle

Are you hesitating between a taxi and a VTC (Transport Car with Driver) for your trips to and from Beauvais?

Let's take a look at the advantages of both options, and which is more interesting for you.

Main advantages of taxi in Beauvais

Taxis in Beauvais offer immediate availability, which means you can easily find them at the train station, airport or in central areas of the city. They are often stationed in strategic locations, available at any time of the day or night. Additionally, local taxi drivers are familiar with the city of Beauvais and its surrounding areas, which allows them to choose the most efficient routes.

Advantages and disadvantages of VTCs

VTCs often offer a higher level of comfort with higher-end vehicles and in rare cases Wi-Fi on board. In addition, booking a VTC can be made in advance via a mobile application. However, VTCs can be more expensive than traditional taxis, and their availability may be limited, particularly in less busy areas like Beauvais.

In the end, what is the best choice for getting around Beauvais?

In Beauvais, where transportation options may be more limited compared to larger cities, opting for a taxi seems to be the best option.

Indeed, local taxi drivers know the city and its surroundings perfectly. So, they can take you even through the narrowest streets or lesser-known neighborhoods. Additionally, taxi fares in Beauvais are regulated, meaning you will never pay hidden fees or excessive fares.

Be vigilant: Some VTC platforms may charge excessive and changing prices depending on demand.

Book your taxi in Beauvais now!

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